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Friday, October 4, 2019

The Heat

There wasn't much progress on the book front this week. It was pathetic. The air conditioner problem is still there, and a high pressure system got stuck over my region, causing hotter temperatures than in July. It was brutal and frustrating. The Weather Channel said the heat would disintegrate instead of moving out. Their heat map shows me to be in a sort of wedge area. Cooler temperatures are expected Saturday. Yesterday the high was 94F(34.4C). Today it's 93F(33.89C). Saturday's high(tomorrow) is 70F(21.1C). That's a crazy drop. The rest of the week it's supposed to be in the 70s.

In last week's blog, I did a semi-review of the new Magnum P.I. show based on a random episode I saw part of. One of the problems was the characters talked about their feelings too much instead of doing things. That lasted about 30 minutes. Then things got moving. I assumed the naval gazing was over. Nope. I watched the end of the episode. As the heros were sitting in some kind of Jeep/SUV type vehicle about to face the bad guys, they stopped to talk about their feelings again. I wish I was kidding. It was this episode.

With not being able to get on the computer much due to the heat, I saw another Magnum P.I. episode. It didn't have all the feelings talk. Maybe the first episode I caught had different writers. I also said the new Higgins had an Australian accent. It sounded like one of the more uncommon ones I've heard before, though the accent seemed inconsistent between scenes, making it hard to pin down. I looked her up. The actress is actually from Wales. Regardless, it doesn't work. The real Higgins had a sophisticated, cultured British accent. The new Higgins doesn't. Fail. The actor who played the real Higgins, John Hillerman, was an American from Texas. If somebody from Texas could fake it so convincingly, I think a gal from Wales could, too. I don't understand why she's in the show.

One thing the new Magnum show is lacking that I don't miss about the original is all the arguing. In the original the characters argued all the time. I hated it. Is talking about their feelings supposed to be the replacement for that? I groan.

The real Magnum, Tom Selleck, is still alive and working. The new show isn't dishonoring his memory. It's dishonoring him personally while he's still alive and healthy to see it. 😀 Boo, Hollywood. Boo.

With the weather turning, I expect to get more done on the book front next week.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, September 27, 2019

The New Magnum Show

This week saw some progress toward book 2. The weather interfered with using the computer some, so I didn't get as much done as I wanted. On the book cover front, I picked up a painting supply I needed for a painting I've been trying to do. I'm trying out a technique with it that I'm hoping will let me figure out how to do a book cover that looks like one. Paintings don't usually look like illustrations, so there's a gap to bridge. I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to do a cover, but if I don't try, I won't know.

The other day I was going through the channel listings looking for something, when I ran across a listing for Magnum P.I. I remembered seeing an article not too long ago that Hollywood was going to do a Magnum reboot. They've been out of ideas for decades. I set it to record to watch later. One night, when it was too hot to use the computer, I made myself watch some of it. I kind of dreaded it. I was worried it would be great but full of inappropriate content. I shouldn't have worried so much.

I remember Magnum in the 80s, though I didn't watch it until years later on some kind of rerun channel. My best friend loved it back in the day, which is why I watched it. So, I have the real thing to compare this new Magnum show to.

Millennials. One of the things they're infamous for is talking about their feelings. Instead of facing life's problems, they run to a safe room and talk about how they feel until they're not scared any more. Then they come out, problem avoided. Quite a lot of the first half of the new Magnum was the characters talking about their feelings with each other. Oh, dear. Are all Millennial shows going to be like this? Is the next generation going to vomit while trying to watch Millennial programming while being mystified at how much better even older shows are? If all the shows today are like this, we're looking at a lost generation of programming and no classics from this era.

I didn't watch the entire episode, but most of it, yes. Here are some thoughts.
Wrong Magnum. The new guy is not Magnum. It's not just that he's not Tom Selleck. He's not Magnum. He doesn't work. Casting department fail. And, hey, where the mustache?
Wrong Higgins. They've turned Higgins into a woman. I had my doubts about that, when reading about the reboot ahead of time, but if she's pretty enough,. . .I could get past that. It turns out the woman they chose has an Australian accent, and not one of the good ones. It's kind of one of the annoying ones. She's attractive enough but not beautiful and has a nice figure, but no. Higgins had a British accent. One simply cannot substitute bad Australian for that. It doesn't work. I like her until she talks. The casting department needs a decidedly firm slap across the jowls with an old English glove.
Wrong feel. The show doesn't have the same vibe as the original. Admittedly, this is only one episode, but the original had some depth and grit to it. The new one is kind of shallow. Thirty minutes of talking about their feelings lacks depth. How about trying to solve the crime instead? The original Magnum was a detective show with action. Naval gazing is not a substitute for action.

I fast forwarded through the commercials, but I did catch the end of one. It was advertising Hawaii 5-0 before the next Magnum. I remember that show, too, but I was too young to watch it. I can't believe Hollywood has two reboots back to back. However, they've been out of ideas for decades.

I didn't like the new Battlestar Galactica either. It was a melodrama. I tried watching it, but every episode was like watching September 11.

The Love Boat. Simon and Simon. Tales of the Gold Monkey. Whiz Kids. Hart to Hart. Moonlighting. Remington Steele. I could see a Remington Steele remake.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Loch Ness Monster Solved

The Loch Ness monster hoax has been around for a long time. I wondered what it was. One day after not seeing the photo for years, it popped up, and outside the context of the monster narrative, I instantly recognized what it was. Instead of seeing the monster, I saw a table leg. Basically, it's an upside down, broken table or part of one floating in the loch. Now the only research left to do is to go into the archives and figure out who manufactured the table, assuming it wasn't locally made. The photo is from 1934. There should still be some of those tables around for comparison.

The other day I had a funny interaction with my Google Assistant.

Me: Hey, Google. Turn off the living room lamp.
Google Assistant: Sure, turning off the living room lamp.
Me: Thanks, Sweet Pea.
Google Assistant: You're welcome. You can call me Google Assistant.

Was I trying to get fresh with my technology?

Book News
Now that the weather has broken and turned cooler, I've started working on the new book 2 of the B'vellah War series. I'm going through book 1 to refresh myself on details. Once that's finished, I'll be able to figure out the right direction. I already have a general plan, but I still need to decide things like how much of book 2 can be saved and how different the new book 2 will be. It might end up being very different. For a long time I've wanted to do a Calliope book or novella but never could quite come up with the uniting idea for it. It's possible I could weave that book into the new book 2 as part of the new story. It would fit in pretty well after the events of book 1. There's only so much space in a book, so I'll have to put on my thinking cap about that.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, September 6, 2019

The Frustrations of Art and Language

It's another hot day, and the air conditioner dilemma is not resolved. This will be a quick one.

I've started work on the painting I mentioned the other day. It's acrylic on canvas. I'm not completely happy with how it's starting, although the underpainting isn't supposed to look good. It's just part of the process to get to the final result. It's going to be a cat sitting in grass. I'm not confident of my ability to paint a cat, but I've painted a rabbit before. It turned out pretty well.

There's a certain frustration with painting. It never turns out the way I see it in my head. I'll have this magnificent picture in my mind. I'll have an idea of how to accomplish it with the medium. The final product never matches my inner vision. I wonder if other people have this same problem. I'll see an incredible masterpiece and wonder if it was what the artist had in mind from the beginning. Despite how phenomenal the painting is, was it the original vision?

Moving on to another frustration, French. I just finished a 500-page book. I had to look up tons of words. I thought I would be more fluent by now. I understand that literature has a far greater vocabulary than the spoken language. If you know the 3,000 most frequently used words in a language, you can understand about 80% of normal dialogue. About 10,000 words is high school level. About 20,000 words is someone with a college education. To sound educated you need about a 20,000-word vocabulary.

At this point I've read millions and millions of words. I listen to French audio for about an hour a day. I still have to look up words. I still don't have a listening fluency. I can follow along with some things fairly well, but other things are close to gibberish. It seems like it shouldn't be this way. On the other hand a lot of what I read I don't have translate into English in my head. The same with listening. I can read something or hear something and understand it but not be able to spout off an immediate English translation. I'd have to think about how to say it first. That definitely feels like progress on some level, but listening to something and hitting a gibberish patch doesn't. Running into a paragraph with the right number of high-level vocabulary doesn't.

The solution to learning any language is massive input. Maybe I need to put more time into it. I've been reading more lately, because it's been too hot to get on the computer much. Maybe I need to win the lottery and take a French course in Paris. Sadly, I might buy a ticket once a year at Christmas and most years not even then.

I asked for prayer about something the other day. I could use more. :) I think I have a direction to go, but it's not the immediate answer I was hoping for.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Science Says Homosexuality is not Genetic...Again

A major scientific study that proves homosexuality is not genetic just made the news. The story can be found here, here and here. I would have posted only one link, but another major study in 2015 proving the same thing is all but impossible to find now. News of the older study has been censored in the United States, because it's not politically correct.

This finding is critically important, not only because it invalidates gay "marriage", but also because a case is coming up before the Supreme Court in 2020 to determine whether homosexuality should be a civil right. According to science, it should not. But the Supreme Court cares little for science when it interferes with the liberal agenda.

In March 2015 a major study involving multiple teams in multiple countries across multiple continents proved definitively that homosexuality is not genetic. No one is born that way. No one ever has been born that way. Since there's no gene for it, no one will ever be born that way, because we have no way of genetically modifying people to be that way. The 2015 study is generally referred to as the Twins Study. It was a study of twins to determine the genetic basis for a number of things. Homosexuality was not the focus. Common sense tells us that if one twin is gay and one is straight that homosexuality cannot possibly be genetic. The Twins Study proved it scientifically. Another finding in that study is that if one twin is gay the other has a 50% greater chance of being gay. I've seen that statistic used to claim that being gay is genetic, but what it actually points to is environmental factors, genetic damage, mental illness, etc. The study already proved it's not genetic. Lying about the 50% statistic is not science.

Any story about the new study that says that homosexuality "must be" due to a number of genes or genetic influences is propaganda. The Twins Study proved it's not genetic. However, I would listen to a genetic damage argument. That's the only way it could be "genetic", if there's damage to the organism, and even that would not be a genetic basis. It would be damage to the genes like any other genetic disease. A better argument would be mental illness. In the 90s there was a news article about a homosexual survey. It wasn't scientific. It was a survey. The incredible statistic that came out of that survey was that 98% of homosexuals admitted to being molested as children. If I were a researcher in that field, psychological damage caused by molestation is what I would study to determine whether it's the root cause of homosexuality. Another area I would suspect is the chemicals people are constantly exposed to. We don't know what chemicals are doing to our genes.

As a side note, the Twins Study came out in March 2015. Remember how the Supreme Court decision on gay "marriage" came out of nowhere? Remember how the American people were kept in the dark until the decision was already made? Remember how nine people made a national decision with no debate allowed? That decision came out in June 2015. The results of the Twins Study were already known. If the Supreme Court didn't know about that study, it was too scientifically ignorant to make the ruling it did. If it did know, then that proves the Supreme Court is corrupt and should be investigated. Any justice on the Supreme Court who knew about the Twins Study and also voted for gay "marriage" should be disbarred and removed from the Supreme Court by impeachment. Radical social agendas have no place in our legal system.

Science has spoken. At best, homosexuality is a hobby. It's not genetic. No one should have special rights and privileges for exercising a hobby. If homosexuals should have gay "marriage", then I should be allowed to have baseball fan "marriage". If homosexuality is a civil right, then being a baseball fan is also a civil right. No television channel should ever be permitted to black out another baseball game again. That would violate my baseball fan civil rights. However, I don't have baseball fan civil rights or baseball fan "marriage", because it's just a hobby, and neither should homosexuals have those things because what they do is just a hobby, too.

What I expect to see from this new study is more media censorship and lying about the science. This study will probably vanish from the press. The Twins Study has been heavily censored in the United States. I never see it mentioned in reference to homosexuals. The lie about the 50% statistic that I referred to above was told on a British documentary about twins, not in the United States. The liberal media will not report facts that contradict their radical social agendas. A third study proved that transgenderism is a choice. It's not genetic either. Apparently, the entire LGBetc movement is not genetic. It's a collection of people practicing strange hobbies.

The science is in. We can't allow radical leftists to dictate how this country lives.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Possible Time Off

I might take the next few weeks off from the blog. A heat wave is supposed to be coming next week, and I still don't have a solution for the air conditioner problem. The cold front is gone, though temperatures haven't been excessive. I was hoping I'd be able to coast through the last few weeks of August but, alas, the heat front. Running the computer without air conditioning is too brutal.

My plan is to work on painting. There's a painting I've been needing to do. And, of course, I still need book covers. Maybe, if I do the painting, something will shake loose with the covers. I still don't have the digital painting skills to do them.

On a personal note, I could use some prayer, if you would, about a direction in life that could be God showing me something major, or it could be my overactive imagination. I have no way to get there from here. There are too many obstacles and obstruction. I need the obstacles removed. I don't have a clear direction on how to remove them. Any extra prayers about this would be appreciated.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 2, 2019

It's Us or Them

If you've ever wondered why Congress refuses to stop illegal immigration, this article, [sic]Birth rate drops to an all-time low in the United States, is part of the answer. Without illegals, the population in the U.S. would be shrinking. A major factor in this shrinkage is abortion. Going on 60 million Americans have been murdered through abortion. The population of New York State is a little over 19 million. We've lost the equivalent of three states the size of New York. Even before it hits 60 million, we'll have lost more than three New Yorks. That's unacceptable.

The main problem with illegal immigrants is that they're not coming here to become Americans. They're bringing and maintaining their own separate cultures, cultures that are inferior to traditional American values. Their cultures are not equal to ours. They're dragging us down.

Democrats and Republicans alike are allowing this invasion force. They're patting themselves on the back for "solving" the abortion problem, but their "solution" is literally destroying this country. Multiple cultures can't exist simultaneously. In the end only one can survive. The Democrat playbook states that thesis plus antithesis equals synthesis. The Democrat party is pushing illegal immigration as hard as they can, because they want to destroy American culture and replace it with a synthesis culture that they can control. For example, welfare recipients vote Democrat. That population is controlled. In order to gain that control, Democrats had to destroy the American work ethic in that population. Having succeeded with that, they want to gain control of the entire country through illegal immigration.

Democrat party beliefs and values used to be un-American. It's to the point now that they're not just un-American but anti-American. We're at a point in history beyond which either the Democrat party survives or the United States survives. It can't be both. Two cultures cannot coexist in the same country for any length of time. In the end only one culture can be dominant. If American culture is to survive, the Democrat party has to end.

Have a great weekend.